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Book Advertisement in Sandesh newspaper online by choosing from the below various advertising options available. The Ad Rates differs for every option. We have displayed Aj tariff in the easiest format to book ad easily.

Sandesh Advertisement Rate Card

The Sandesh ad rates depends on the type of advertisement you are selecting like classified text ads are charged on the basis of number of lines, classified display ad rates and display ad rates are based on per sq.cms. The Sandesh advertisement rates also varies from location to location. 

The below table illustrates the details of the Sandesh Advertisement Rate Card and Associated Advertising types:

Advertisement Types Advertisement Rates Placement Types Ad Size Types Publishing Days

Display Ad Rates

Sandesh advertisement rates are charged based on Rupees Per Square Centimeter. You need to decide the ad size and multiply with the given rate. You can check the Sandesh advertisement rate card by just clicking on any of the ad type.

Front Page

Back Page

 page 3


any inner page

The below mentioned ads sizes are the standard ad sizes published in Sandesh. There are also custom ad size options i.e. you can book ad for any other ad size based on your requirement.

Sandesh Newspaper Advertisement in Main Edition are published on all days.
The other supplement ads like Recruitment, Education, Matrimonial, Property, Automobiles, Astrology, etc. are published on a particular day of the week.

City Tabloid Ad Rates     Full Page  
Education Ad Rates     Half Page  
Recruitment Ad Rates     Quarter Page  
Political Ad Rates     Sky Bus  
Automotive Ad Rates     Pointer Ad  
Classifieds Ad Rates     Jacket Ad  
Classified Display Ad Rates     Flap Ad  
Property Ad Rates     Center Spread  
Obituary Ad Rates     240 sq.cms  
Financial Results Ad Rates     120 sq.cms  
Public Notice Ad Rates  


City Tabloid (Daily)

City Tabloid is a daily supplement of Sandesh and it mainly targets on local articles, lifestyle and events and coverage. If you want to target local audience, advertising in City Tabloid is the best approach. The well-known supplements for which you can book ads include Baroda, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Rajkot, Surat.

Sandesh Recruitment

Sandesh Recruitment is a supplement of Sandesh and it mainly targets recruitment (Job Vacancies) ads of organizations and companies. If you want to hire a person for your organization then advertising in Sandesh recruitment is the best approach as all the job seekers go for Sandesh for job vacancy ads. Check the Sandesh Recruitment ad rates to book ads online for Sandesh.

Sandesh Classifieds (Daily)

Classifieds is a daily supplement of Sandesh. Sandesh Classifieds is a section where you can publish classified ads. Classified ads are small ads that are divided into different categories and are charged for number of lines to be printed for classified text ads and classified display ads are charged on the basis of square centimeters. If you want to target local audience then advertising in classifieds section is the best approach. There are different types of categories in Classifieds section like Matrimonial, Name Change, Astrology, Recruitment, Tours and Travels, Business, Public Notice, Remembrance, etc. Check the Sandesh classified rates to book classified ads in Sakal.

Book Sandesh Newspaper Advertisement Online Instantly @ Low Rates

The best approach to expand your reach to potential customers is to advertise in the largest circulated and the most popular newspaper like Sandesh. Sandesh is one of the oldest and popular Gujarati Newspaper founded in the year 1923.They have achieved success because of their competitive editorial team and corespondents. Now it has a readership of more than 5 crores. You can promote your products or services to the maximum audience through advertising in Sandesh at lowest ad rates.

The Sandesh newspaper advertising rates are based on the ad type and ad size you want to book for. Different ad sizes has different ad rates.

Sandesh Ad booking has now become easy and more convenient. In today’s modern world, you don’t have to personally go and visit to the newspaper office nor have you to compose the promotion messages in the form to publish an ad in Sandesh newspaper.

You can book Sandesh Advertisement Online from anywhere anytime with just one click. B2C Advertisers provides you with the best and most convenient way to book Sandesh Newspaper Ads online instantly at lowest price.

You can select category of your ad type from the menu that suit your intended interest, schedule your ad, and you can also take help of sample ads provided to book Ads for Sandesh. You can make the payment through a protected gateway and via various verified payment methods.

How Standard Ad Size Is Calculated?

Each page of the newspaper is designed in a column format. Usually a standard page is designed with six columns and some pages are designed with different number of columns.The size of the column differ from paper to paper. The standard unit for advertising space is the “column inch”. The size of the ad can be calculated by multiplying the number of columns the ads takes up across the page with the length of the page that the column takes up in inches from top to bottom.

For example, if your ad occupies 4 columns across and 6 inches down, then the size of the ad will be 24 column inches (4 multiplied by 6).

This is how the ad size is calculated and and charged based on the ad size.

Note: There might be slight variations in the ad sizes as different publication has different policies. Advertising costs also differ from publication to publication.

Book Ads In Sandesh Newspaper With The Following Simple & Easy Steps

You can book your classified or display advertisements in Sandesh Newspaper online and avoid all the difficult tasks. Book Sandesh Advertisement online instantly with the following simple and easy steps.

  • Select the relevant ad category from the menu to book your ad and get published in the suitable section of newspaper.
  • Refer the Sandesh Advertisement tariff that are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for the newspaper.
  • Determine your accurate ad size by calculating the ad rate with the total size stated below for the chosen category or supplement.
  • Select your desired date for published the ad by referring the required booking details in category page through which the booking deadline and other details can be known.
  • You can make your advertising experience more cost-effective by just creating a draft for the content of the ad  and send us to get quote and also get benefited with other special offers and discounts on ad rates.
  • Once you approve to Sandesh ad rates quoted to you, you will get an invoice with each and every payment options that is available to make payment. You can pay by both online and offline payment methods.
  • Upon receiving the payment, our designed team will start designing your ad as per your requirements and then the ad would get published on your selected date in the newspaper.
  • Once the ad is published you will receive  an e paper copy of the newspaper (in which your ad is published) for reference purpose.

Know More About Sandesh Advertisement Rates

Sandesh ad rates depends on the type of ad category and it also varies from location to location. In small cities Sandesh ad rates are low when compared to that of the metropolitan cities. The editions of Sandesh are Baroda, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Rajkot, Surat. Basically, the advertisement is calculated based on the type and size of the ad.

The Sandesh Advertisements are classified into 3 different categories like

1. Classified Text Ad

These ads are small running text ads with three or four lines published in the "CLASSIFIEDS" section of the Sandesh. The classified rates for these ads are calculated on the number of lines printed.

2. Classified Display Ad

Classified Display Ad rates are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of the space occupied by the ad. In these classified display ads you have limitations in selecting the ad size like you can go for single column or multi column size.You can design your ad using images, logos, different font styles and color so highlight the ad. Classified display ads can be published on a particular page or in a supplement of the newspaper. The most popular categories for which classified display ads published are Matrimonial, Astrology, Real Estate, Recruitment, Rental and Business Ads.

3. Display Ad

Display ads can grab the attention of the audience as they are designed with high impact graphic images, captions, contact details,etc. These display ads eye-catchy because of their size and colorful images and captions.

Display ad rates are also charged on the basis of per square centimeter and they are costlier compared to that of classified display and classified text ads as they occupy multiple columns of the page.

These is no fixed size for these display ads except that minimum ad size should be 4 cm x 4 cm. These ads can be color or in black & white. These ads can also occupy the full page of the newspaper. Though there is no fixed limitation on its ad size. The ad can be of quarter page, half page and any other custom size. Here you have choice to select the page and position also.

These ads are best for promoting business, creating brand awareness, promoting retail chains and many more.

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